Rat Extermination

Serving all of Barrie and Orillia and the Surrounding Areas

It’s always a nightmare to discover that rats have infested your home or office. Rats and mice can contaminate your food and can even affect your health, if they bite you with their sharp teeth. Rats are some of the most horrendous pests there are, but with Allstar Pest Management ’s rat extermination services, we can help you eliminate your troubles.

Allstar Pest Management is the expert in mice extermination in Orillia, ON and, with our eco-friendly methods, we will make sure they leave and never come back. Our inspections work at a competitive price.

With our rodent and pest control services, Allstar Pest Management will always exceed your expectations and beat any prices with our quality work and excellent results. If you are suffering from a rat infestation in your home or business, call Allstar Pest Management today for a thorough inspection. Our services for rat and cockroach extermination also cater to buses, banks and factories for the residents of Orillia, ON.

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